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If your company just invested in Salesforce.com and now you need to quickly and affordably get running, our team can help you. Our team will unlock your ability to grow and connect with customers and employees like never before using Salesforce.com.

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If you are an existing Salesforce.com customer and need to re-configure your system to keep pace with your changing business strategies, our team can help you expand your current usage. We'll also show you the latest features of Saleforce to take your existing usage to the next level.

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If your company is interested in connecting your back-end software like Email, Accounting, Project Management, etc to Salesforce.com, our team can help you. We'll synchronize your systems with salesforce using the latest certified development approaches that Salesforce.com recommends.

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NeuNet Consultants is a Salesforce.com consulting partner with offices throughout the US. With over 12 years of experience helping our clients configure and implement Salesforce.com, we have over 180 active clients and have completed in excess of 600 projects to date. We focus on the helping the SMB (small to medium size business) maximize their investment in the Salesforce.com platform.

Our team of certified Salesforce.com Administrators, Consultants, and Developers can help you get up and running on the Salesforce.com platform on-time and within your budget.

Our work is grounded in real business issues to produce tangible bottom line outcomes that will positively impact your business from day one.

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